Perioperative Anaemia Programme

Perioperative anaemia programme 

The Blood Health National Oversight group (BHNOG) anaemia workstream developed a national pathway for the identification, treatment and management of patients who are presenting preoperatively with anaemia in December 2021. In order to maximise the use of the national pathway within Health Boards (HBs) the BHNOG successfully received funding for a 2-year implementation programme from Value Based Health Care (VBHC). The intended outcomes for the programme are to embed Patient Blood Management (PBM) within the perioperative setting to ensure equitable optimisation of patients. This will reduce avoidable transfusion due to anaemia, reduce length of hospital stays and improve clinical outcomes for patients. The programme is led and managed by the Welsh Blood Service. We are pleased to introduce the programme team members below:


The documents in the drop down list contain recent communications from the Perioperative Anaemia Team


Preoperative Anaemia Toolkit