SHOT – All Wales Working Group

SHOT is the UK’s independent, professionally led haemovigilance scheme, collecting and analysing anonymised information on adverse events and reactions in blood transfusion and produces recommendations to improve patient safety.  The recommendations are put into its annual report which is then circulated to all the relevant organisations as haemovigilance is an ongoing exercise, SHOT can also monitor the effect of the implementation of its recommendations.

To support implementation of the SHOT recommendations, the BHNOG established a Wales SHOT working group, chaired by Joe Leung, transfusion laboratory manager in Ysbyty Gwynedd BCUHB. The group consists of transfusion related professionals in various roles from all health boards in Wales and acts to proactively utilise the SHOT ideals in improve national transfusion safety.

Current areas of focus are:

A Welsh incident reporting tool – to allow ‘live’ review of incident reporting and trends within Wales that could require additional focus by the group.

Human Factors training – a key recommendation from SHOT over recent years. A toolkit to support use of human factors in incident investigation can be found here

If you are interested in getting involved with the Wales SHOT working group please contact

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