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The NHS Wales Red cell Shortage Plan 2024 has been developed by the Welsh Blood service (WBS) in collaboration with Hospital Transfusion Teams/Committees, Emergency Planning Leads, Medical Directors and the Blood Health National Oversight Group (BHNOG).

The plan outlines the responsibilities of NHS Wales in response to an actual or potential shortage of allogeneic red cells.

Blood is a finite resource that needs active management to maintain a safe and sufficient supply. This is referred to as the blood supply chain and considers the actions of all key stakeholders from the time that the blood leaves the arm of the donor until it is transfused to the patient.

The Plan advocates Patient Blood Management and Prudent Health principles to promote the appropriate use of blood and support the supply chain. However there are instances where this is not able to mitigate against a blood shortage and an alert is issued to NHS Wales to advise of a potential shortage.

There are four alert phases depending on WBS red cell stock level: Green, Pre-Amber, Amber & Red. Key actions will be defined in each of the stages.

In addition to the Plan the BHNOG has also established a BHNOG Blood Shortage Group (BSG). This group will  work with the WBS and hospital based clinical teams in the management of the blood supply chain should an alert be activated. The BSG Terms of reference are available here

NHS Wales Red Cell Shortage Plan BHNOG Blood Shortage Group Terms of Reference