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Blood Health Plan

Blood and blood component transfusions are essential, life saving treatments used everyday within NHS Wales. Transfusion however is not a risk free procedure and there is always a possibility of transfusion reactions or transmission of infection. It is therefore critical that blood and blood components are only given when needed and where no other suitable alternative exists.

The BHNOG was established to support implementation of the Blood Health Plan (BHP).  The BHP has been developed to set the direction of optimising blood health and transfusion practice in Wales. This is undertaken in accordance with three strategic aims. The strategic aims can be defined as follows:

  • Supporting individuals to manage their health and wellbeing, avoiding unnecessary intervention
  • Use evidence and data to inform planning, improve practice and reduce variability
  • Place safety and quality at the core of care reducing inappropriate use and supporting innovation

To read the full report download the Blood Health Plan 2021 below

Blood Health Plan 2021