O D Negative Red Cells

The Workstream

Appropriate Use of O D Negative Red Cells encompasses the two strategic aims of the NHS Wales owned Blood Health Plan:

  • Use evidence and data to inform planning, improve practice and reduce variability 
  • Place safety and quality at the core of care reducing inappropriate use and supporting innovation

Although generally use of red blood cells has declined in recent years, group O D Negative red cells are often in proportionally higher demand than any other group, as this is generally seen as the choice for emergency use/unknown patients. This means that delivering a stable supply of O D Neg to hospitals can be challenging.

The O D Negative workstream is focussed on optimising stock management of O D Neg, ensuring active management of supply and wastage and minimising the need for ‘emergency’ use of O D Neg, and education of the clinical users of O D Neg to ensure that it is used for those patients most needed.

The O D Neg workstream has been defined as a key workstream for the Blood Health National Oversight group and the workstream lead is Dr Andy Goringe, Consultant Haematologist, Cardiff &Vale University Health Board (C&V UHB).

Resources supporting the activity of this workstream can be found below.

Further guidance on the use of O D Negative red cells can be found in the  NHS Wales Red Cell Shortage Plan