SHOT – Revamp

To support implementation of the SHOT recommendations, the BHNOG established a Wales SHOT working group, currently chaired by Rachel Borrell, Transfusion Quality Manager in Cardiff and Vale UHB. The group consists of transfusion related professionals in various roles from all health boards in Wales and acts to proactively utilise the SHOT ideals to improve national transfusion safety.


Haemovigilance vein to vein covers the whole blood transfusion process from donor selection and safety, to safe transportation, correct laboratory procedures, crucial crossmatching of patient and donor blood, administration and finally post management with subsequent incident reporting if required.  Click here for the SHOT Vein to Vein Transfusion Chain. 


Current areas of focus are:

A Welsh incident reporting tool – to allow ‘live’ review of incident reporting and trends within Wales that could require additional focus by the group.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Wales SHOT working group please contact

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